THE mother of two young children aged four and 10, whose school uniforms were burnt to ashes, broke down into tears when the Greater Kokstad Municipality gave them a donation of school uniforms for her kids to be able to attend school without being different from other learners.

The Nyembezi family approached the Municipality on Tuesday to plead with the Greater Kokstad Municipality Mayor, Cllr Lwanda Madikizela to organise school uniforms for them.

With that being said, Mayor Madikizela reached out to a Good Samaritan to rescue the two learners by providing them with much-needed uniforms.

Their uniforms were burnt to ashes in November last year when a fire broke and severely burnt their mother, Shalane Jasson who is now undergoing counselling following reports that she is suffering from sleepless nights due to the trauma.

She had no words when given a chance to express how she felt, instead she cried.

The Father of the kids, Mncedisi Nyembezi further appealed to the Municipality to build them a house as they had to go back home to stay with family.

"There are fourteen of us crammed in a two-roomed house with young kids," he said.

The Municipality Mayor Madikizela pleaded with private businesses to continue donating to impoverished learners because they cannot be deprived of their right to education.

"This is the reason why we wasted no time in responding swiftly to the matter because these are the leaders of tomorrow....and their story is so touching," said the Mayor. He said this is part of their campaigns to encourage young learners to make education fashionable.