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Mayor’s Office

cllr m n l madikizela ward 8 speaker


Cllr Marcus Neville Lwanda Madikizela

Contacts details   

081 8752 841

Deputy Mayor  

Cllr Karen Jili Walker

Contact details

079 6600 748

PA to the Mayor

Ms Bawinile Tambo

Contact details  

039 797 6629

Email Address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Office of the Mayor is the highest office of the Municipality.

The Mayor is responsible for:

  • Identifying the needs of the Municipality,
  • Review and evaluate the needs in order of priority,
  • The function of and delivery of complete range of services and infrastructure required by their communities,
  • Oversee the sustainable provision of services to communities,
  • Monitor the management of Administration,
  • Perform duties and exercises powers as delegated by Council,
  • Economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of the Municipality,
  • Credit control and collection effectiveness,
  • Perform functions all legislated functions as per chapter 7 of the MFMA.



Greater Kokstad Municipality has four Standing committee which are chaired by councilors.

The standing committees are chaired by Executive members as follows:

  • Governance and Community, Social & Service Committee


   Chairperson: Deputy Mayor Cllr KJ Walker

  • BTO and ITS Committee 

             Chairperson: Mayor Cllr Bhekinkosi Michael Mtolo

  • EDSP Committee

           Chairperson: Executive Member Cllr Nomakhosana Mabel Dumisa

  • Executive Committee

Chairperson: Executive Member Cllr Bhekinkosi Michael Mtolo

                   Executive Member Cllr Karen Jill Walker

                   Executive Member Cllr Nomakhosazana Mabel Dumisa