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Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management (Human Resources Development, Human Resources Management and Administration, Individual Performance Management, Wellness Services and Occupational Health and Safety)

The Human Resources Management division is headed by a manager and provides the following services:

  • Skills development for employees by identifying training needs, developing a Skills Development Plan and ensuring its implementation. They also have a minor role in the community as they coordinate and manage the bursary scheme which is directed to communities.
  • Performs organisational design and develops an organisational structure for the Municipality which is aligned to its strategy;
  • Ensures that GKM has the necessary human capital to provide services to the communities;
  • Provides induction to new employees;
  • Manages the implementation of the Individual Performance Management System;
  • Administers employee records and payment of salaries;
  • Provides programmes to ensure employee wellness;
  • Works towards ensuring good relations between the employer and employees;
  • Ensures that the work environment is aligned with Occupational Health and Safety regulations and standards;
  • Ensures that all legislation pertaining to the function/s is reflected in the relevant policies and that all Bargaining Council circulars/directives, including the Conditions of Service, are implemented in the Municipality; and
  • Facilitates the evaluation of all jobs in the organisational structure.